Registered Fund Services

Fund Chief Compliance Officer

PINE delivers independent Fund Chief Compliance Officer (CCO) solutions for registered funds, including open-end, closed-end, and exchange-traded funds. PINE will appoint a qualified individual to serve as the Fund’s CCO and, when applicable, Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Officer. Each Fund CCO is supported by our full team of compliance professionals.

  • Customized policies and procedures manual
  • Annual risk assessment
  • Quarterly and annual reviews of the compliance program
  • Service provider oversight and monitoring
  • Compliance monitoring and testing
  • Compliance calendar
  • Board communication

Principal Financial Officer and Treasurer

For registered funds, PINE will assign an experienced professional to serve as the Principal Financial Officer and Treasurer. PINE will provide accounting and fund oversight support services and work closely with your service providers, audit and tax firm, and management.

  • Review and certify semi-annual and annual reports
  • Chair and conduct Disclosure Committee meetings
  • Coordinate annual fund audit
  • Review and approve expense payments and fees
  • Approve periodic distributions and tax filings
  • Chair Valuation Committee meeting

Regulatory Compliance Support Services

PINE offers customized regulatory compliance support solutions to asset managers focusing on pooled investment vehicles, both registered and private. PINE acts as your support staff and assists in the creation and oversight of the firm’s compliance program. PINE serves State and SEC-registered investment advisers, Exempt Reporting Advisers and CFTC/NFA Advisers. PINE maintains each of its clients’ requirements on a web-based portal that clients can access to review compliance materials, provide attestations, and oversee vendor due diligence.

  • Review and design firm-specific compliance policies and procedures
  • Maintain compliance calendars
  • Conduct compliance policy and procedure testing
  • Prepare quarterly and annual written compliance review
  • Conduct initial and ongoing employee compliance training
  • Initiate periodic vendor due diligence
  • Design, business continuity, disaster recovery and cyber security policies and procedures
  • Marketing and advertising disclosure review
  • SEC exam and audit support
  • Assistance with regulatory filings, including Form ADV, U4s, State registration filings and Section 13 filings

Advisor/Fund Launch Services

PINE has extensive experience in structuring funds and building the necessary operational infrastructure for a successful investment advisory platform. PINE will evaluate your firm’s needs and design an operational workflow that will reduce manual processes and increase efficiencies. This exercise will include selecting the right technology and service providers that will allow your firm to scale in size and product type.

  • Entity formation
  • Fund structuring
  • Technology and system selection, negotiation and implementation
  • Service provider selection
  • Account openings
  • Prime brokerage interfacing
  • Trade file communication
  • Operations manual procedural build out

Operations Support Services

PINE understands the challenges associated with fund and adviser operations. Therefore we will work with you to develop a seamless middle office solution that will allow you to focus on your strengths. PINE will establish the middle office functions including shadow accounting, SMA accounting, trade settlement, reconciliation and client reporting, and will provide ongoing support to your front and back office functions.

  • Trade support
  • Internal reporting
  • Client reporting
  • Trade capture and allocation
  • Process documentation and workflow
  • Reconciliations
  • Trade settlement
  • Performance composites